We help hotel, resort & day spas innovate and increase revenue with intention

At Citrine Consulting Collective, we transform spas into inclusive wellness experiences that lead to improved guest retention, expanded market share and sustainable long term growth.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

Your spa was struggling pre-COVID, and now that it’s time to reopen you’re unclear what to prioritize to improve performance issues while welcoming guests back safely

You know guests value brands that offer integrated wellness experiences, but your current offerings aren’t generating the revenue you expected so you sense they’re missing the mark


Between pandemic-proofing your facility, focusing on inclusivity while hiring team members and serving guests and meeting the market’s evolving wellness expectations, you know it’s time to reimagine things but you have no idea where to begin

Let the Citrine Consulting Collective help you

redefine success in your spa or wellness business.

The global wellness economy is shifting.

We won’t let you
get left behind.

Unlike traditional consultancies, the Citrine Consulting Collective leverages its deep spa & wellness industry experience with two decades of branding & marketing expertise.

We uncover your problem areas, then provide a step-by-step Roadmap to fix issues, find untapped opportunities and position you for profitability.

If your spa is underperforming, under pressure to reopen in a COVID-19 world or struggling to provide an inclusive guest experience, you need complete clarity around how to resolve your most pressing issues and see long-term results.

Our implementation support can increase revenue by 10 to 20% or more in 12 months.

Ready to see how our guest-first consulting approach can help you go from surviving to thriving with complete clarity?

Irene Macabante, Founder & CEO, Citrine Consulting Collective

Hey there, I’m Irene.

I’m the Founder & CEO of the Citrine Consulting Collective. I’m also a lifelong spa-goer and wellness product devotee, and I use my 25+ years of branding and marketing experience to create memorable spa experiences that drive customer loyalty and boost spa & wellness brands’ reputations.

I’ve learned that spas that prioritize an exceptional wellness experience with purposeful intention for all guests increase their revenue and profitability. This ultimately leads to improved guest retention, expanded market share and long-term growth.

Reimagine your spa experience and increase revenue with intention.

Find out how.

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