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Your Spa Menu Through DEI Eyes: a Remote Menu Assessment

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Planning a new menu or revamping your current offerings? Find out how well they will resonate with diverse guests in our remote assessment of your spa menu through the prism of diversity, equity and inclusion. You’ll get answers to questions like:

  • Is this menu inclusive? How inclusive is it?
  • Do our offerings need to expand to consider other wellness issues affecting a large proportion of people?
  • Are any of these offerings causing harm inadvertently to Indigenous groups, people in large bodies, those in the LGTBQ community, or others?

This offer is designed to best serve Hotel and Resort Spas, destination spas and wellness establishments offering a wide range of wellness services. This remote intensive includes an analysis of your menu and planned marketing efforts through the prism of DEI, a 2-hour presentation/Q&A call with key stakeholders, and a PDF report with key findings and insights. Ideal for Hotel & Resort Spas, destination spas and wellness establishments looking to uncover how inclusive they are with their spa menu in order to provide a personalized, transformative experience for all guests.

As this is a virtual audit, an in-person assessment of the facilities and services is not included.

Key Features:

  • Pre-session report review
  • 2-Hour intensive call with key stakeholders
  • Detailed analysis
  • Additional discovery and follow up report

Key Benefits:

  • Clarity around the scope of inclusivity in your service offerings
  • Accessible way to begin addressing issues related to DEI
  • Immediately understand where to start improving or tweaking offerings to make them more inclusive

Don’t wait for guest complaints to address any gaps in your DEI initiatives – go beyond the need to create a relaxing environment at the spa, to creating a place where we now must foster inclusiveness – allowing individuals or groups to feel safe, respected, motivated, and engaged.

Book a connection call with us today, and let’s discuss how we may best serve your DEI needs.

About Irene
Irene Macabante is the CEO & Founder of the Citrine Consulting Collective. A lifelong spa-goer and wellness product aficionado, Irene uses her 25+ years of branding, marketing and tech experience to create safe and inclusive spa environments that increase customer retention, foster belonging in teams, and boost brand reputation.


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